Friday, January 14, 2011

Winter Projects

I've been working on some winter sewing projects here at my house.

First - my new quilt for spring to put on our bed.  I love green and purple together along with the black and white.

Of course, why only work on one quilt when you can work on two?  Here is a red and white lap quilt that I'm also in the middle of putting together.  Now, these are both done by hand - not machine so you can see why they are taking forever some time.

Finally, I'm updating my pillows on my couch and chairs in the living room.  Here's the first pillow
that I've made to replace the old ones.  The middle gathered part was fun to add in to make it have more texture.

Be blessed,



  1. Those are very nice Ronda. You are very talented.

  2. LOVE that top quilt.

    When I bought my first house, my bed quilt was in those colors, but in flannel. LOVED that bed covering.